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Reviewing Their Policy:
You will need to walk them through the policy to get the information you need.  If you think they have the ability to take a picture and text it to you, that would be extremely helpful.

You are wanting to find out the following:
- Issue Date (Usually on the first page)
- Face Amount (Usually on the first page)
- Premium Amount (Usually on the first page)
- Type of Policy: WL/Term/UL/Etc. (Usually on the first page)

Now you will want them to turn to the TABLE OF VALUES page!
This is usually 4-6 pages in.  I explain to them it will look like a box with a lot of numbers.  

Once they find that, you will need to get them to look on the left of the box and find the AGE of the policy (use the issue date to come up with the age of the policy).

Once they have that, they can scroll across and give you the Cash Value and Reduce Paid Up amounts.

Now you will use the training you learned in the "Replacement Training" to create an A/B/C/D close if possible to create a better solution than the one they currently have!
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