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Fact Finding:

Now that we know you requested the information because of (their reason), let me ask a few things to ensure I find the correct information.

Have you or someone you know ever been responsible for someone's funeral? 

- Ask about whatever they say.  This is a chance to connect with them emotionally and help build more rapport!
- If they do not have a scenario, be prepared with one or use the following: 

Example:  "Well that is good!  I am glad you have not had to deal with that.  I can tell you, it is not fun at all!  My (nephew, cousin, mom, dad, sister, son, daughter) passed away and it was tough!  They did not have any insurance at all, so we all had to come together and pitch in.  I have family members that still do not speak to each other after (XYZ) passed away." 

Who will be responsible for your funeral?
- If possible, get them to pick a child here.  If no child, the spouse or other family member will work.  

Ok, so (Beneficiary Name) will be responsible for your funeral when you pass away?  Hopefully that is many many years from now, but I know you will rest easier knowing you are not leaving a burden behind to them, right?

And do you want a traditional burial or cremation?
Hey, I agree with you!  I want the same thing for myself when that day comes.
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