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The things I mentioned are very important to know.  Lucky for you, I am licensed to help you with this, and it is a very simple process.  I am going to just add (their current company) to the call and we will get this information for you really quick.  It is very important that we get this!

Now (Name), when they get on the line, they will have to ask you some information to find you in their system.  They usually ask for the Policy #, but we will inform them we do not have that.  They will then ask for your DOB more than likely.  Once they find your policy, they will ask you how they can help.  Simply tell them you want me to ask some questions about your policy.

Hang on one quick second, I am going to add them!

You will want to get the following information:
When was the policy issued (how old is it)?
What is the Face Amount?
What is the current premium, and does the premium ever change?
Does it have any cash value?  (Amount)
Does it have Reduced Paid Up?  (Amount)
Are there any loans on the policy? (Only if it is WL or UL)
What is the policy number?

Once you have this information, you can thank the carrier and end the call.  Make sure you don't disconnect your client!

Now you will use the training you learned in the "Replacement Training" to create an A/B/C/D close if possible to create a better solution than the one they currently have!
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