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Assumptive Close:

Ok Mary, are we going to be mailing the policy here, or do you use a P.O. box?  Here at (Address)?  Great!

And you said we were going to be writing the check to (Beneficiary), correct?  Ok, how do you spell his/her name?

Lastly, I need your DOB one more time!  Ok great!

3 Option Close - Now which one of those is going to make the most sense to you each month?  The ____ Plan?  Great choice!  That is what most people go with!  And how much was that one again (it is good to get them to call it back out to you)?

Budget Close - Ok, so we are going with the $XX.XX plan for X face amount.  Just know, if you ever need to increase or anything in the future, we can do that.  Many people fall into that same price range that you selected though!
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