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Reasons to get them to go get their policy or call the carrier if they don't know where their policy is:
They do not remember the current face amount or premium.
The current policy is a WL or UL policy over 2 years old, which means it will have Cash Value or Reduced Paid Up values.
What they tell you does not make sense.  Example - they say they have $10,000 for $20 and the cheapest you have is $10,000 for $100.

Now (Name), most people get a policy and they don't read the fine print.  They just put it in the closet, on top of the fridge or somewhere like that.  Where did you put yours?  Just remember this location for the next step.
To better serve you, it is best to make sure your policy has everything you need it to have.  Some policies have Accidental Death riders.  Some policies have an Automatic Premium Loan rider.  Some have Cash you can receive.  Some have Reduced Paid Up insurance.  Some have Waiver of Premium.  Some have Terminal Illness Riders.  Along with several other possibilities.
The problem is that most people are unsure of what their policy has.  Without knowing, you would never know to make a claim on any of the riders.  Before I can make the best recommendation for you, I need to know a few of those things.  Do me a favor and go grab your policy from ___(the location they told you earlier)___!

Once they get the policy, you will need to Review Their Policy!  
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