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Facebook/Data Lead Opening:

Hi there! My name is (Your Name) and I'm calling from (Your Company). I noticed that you recently expressed interest in our Final Expense services online, and I just wanted to verify the information I have.  (Don't Pause) I see here that you are in City/State, is that correct?  You also listed your phone number as XXX-XXX-XXXX, correct?  Ok good!
-Verify anything else of importance that your lead may have listed.

Now (Name), the process is extremely simple.  My job is just to ask a few basic questions and then find the best solution for your needs.  Were you looking to receive information for just yourself, or you and another loved one?  (If they mention another loved one, you will want to remember this when you move forward.  If that person is not there, you will want to just keep their interest on THEM getting a policy first and taking care of the other person's policy at a later time.)

Ok great!  I will be able to get that information to you today and find the best solution. 
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