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Now that you know a little about the company, I want to give you their prices
(or price if you do the Budget Close).  Can you grab a pen and paper real quick to write this down on?

3 Option Close - Ok, the first option they have is their Bronze Plan.  That is ONLY $XX.XX per month for X face amount..  The second option is their Silver Plan, and that is $XX.XX per month for X face amount.  The third option is the GOLD Plan, and that is $XX.XX per month for X face amount.

Budget Close - I know you said you would like to be in the $XX.XX - $XXX.XX range, and I was able to get that done for you.  This company has X face amount for exactly $XX.XX per month!

Now, while you think on that, I am going to get just a little more information real quick.
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