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Ending the Call Quickly:

This is for situations where you don't want to waste time, but you do not want to be too rude.  This could be due to no income, mode of payment being something you do not want to accept (Cash Apps, Pre-Paid Cards, etc.), their age or just because they have no need.

(Name), I do want to thank you for speaking with me today, but it does not look like we will be able to help you due to ______.  This is my personal number though in case you ever need anything at all.  I hope you have an amazing day!

You could use this as an opportunity to ask for some referrals.

(Name), before I let you go, so many people are uninsured, under insured or they have the wrong type of plan.  My job is to help those people by finding them the best option.  Who do you know that could use my services?

Anyone you know that has had a baby recently?
Anyone you know that is on Medicare?
Anyone you know that has moved or purchased a new home recently?

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