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One Legged Call:

If you are speaking to someone that is adamant their spouse needs to be available for this call, you will want to call back when they are available.  You will need to set a time and get them to get a pen & paper and write down the appointment date/time.  

Ok (Name), if you say they need to be present for this call, I definitely would rather call back at a time that they are available.  What time this evening will they be there?  Ok, great!  Go ahead and grab a pen & paper for me so you don't forget about my call.

I will be calling (day) at (time), and I really look forward to going over this with you.  Remember, my job isn't to collect money from you or anything like that.  I am simply going to ask a few health related questions and show you what your best options are.  Sound good?  Ok great!  I will talk to you (day) at (time).

You have a blessed rest of your day!

If they are wanting the other person to be available, it is usually best to do what I stated above, but sometimes you can still move forward.  If they are wanting a policy AND they want their spouse to get one, I always see if I can get them locked down and "have that out of the way".  Then I can call later to get the spouse covered.

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