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You can use this client worksheet to ask more health questions to ensure you are not missing anything!

Click Below if they picked Reason #3

Health Conditions:

Ok (Name), now that we have discussed your needs and situation, let me ask you a few basic health questions to figure out which solution best suits you!

What is your date of birth?

What is your current height and weight?  

- If the client is a woman, you can say something like, "now I was always told to never ask a woman this, but this job requires me to, so don't punish me too bad for it!"

Have you used any form of tobacco in the last 12 months?  What kind?

What do you take medication FOR?  

- This is the "shotgun" approach to inform you of where they are health wise.  There is no sense in spending 15 minutes going over every medication and condition to only find out they have some sort of knock out condition.

Have you ever been diagnosed with or taken medications for AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer's, Dementia or used Oxygen for COPD?

What about current Dialysis, living in a Nursing Home, Bedridden, Organ Transplant or have a nursing aid to help you with feeding, bathing or daily activities?

Well I am glad you do not have any of those conditions!  We have the hard ones out of the way.

What about any heart or circulatory problems?

Any lung conditions?

What about diabetes? 
(If yes, find out if they also take Neuropathy meds like Gabapentin.)

From here, you can use the Client Worksheet to ask the remaining questions, you can strictly go off of their medications to see which conditions they have or you can use the FEXToolKit to UW the client.
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