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Before you start the eApp, you need to make sure you are going to be able to get their SSN and their Banking Info!  Make sure you are entering this info into the CRM or writing it down somewhere to use when you start the eApp.

Now (Name), were you born in (State)?
And again, your height and weight was?
And XXX-XXX-XXXX is the best phone number for you?
Can you receive texts on that phone number?
You said your beneficiary was going to be (Name).  What is their DOB?

When the company has to write a check to (Beneficiary), they will have to verify the death certificate matches your identity.  They will need your SSN to confirm that.  What is your SSN?

The last two things I will need is about those discount questions I asked earlier.  They will want to verify your ID and banking for Social Security/Direct Deposit discount.  Go grab your ID and something with your account info for your Social Security/Direct Deposit discount.

Once you have been given the banking information, you can click Carrier Info & eApps at the top of the page to start the eApp process!

I would have my Objection Sheet pulled up before this section.  You do not want to have a long pause before overcoming any objection they may throw at you during this section!

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