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Discount Questions:

Now I promise we are almost done, but I want to make sure I get you any discounts possible.  I imagine you are like most people and love a good discount, correct?  

Some companies offer discounts for different things, so I want to ask you 3 questions.

1 - Have you lived in the state for over a year?  You have?  GREAT!  You are one for one!

2 - Do you have a valid photo id or driver's license?  Awesome!  Two for two!

3 - The third discount is for people that do business with a local bank or credit union, which I imagine you do, correct?  Bam!  Three for three!  Now, does your Social Security
(if not on Social Security, just switch to "Direct Deposit" discount) go directly to that bank or credit union on a certain day like the 3rd or one of the Wednesdays?  Awesome!  And it is an actual account and not a prepaid card or Direct Express card, correct?  Look at that, you got all 3 discounts! I don't need any of that information at this time, but it will be needed if we find something that you are happy with and you qualify for!

Awkwardness or Hesitation to #3:
If you feel any sort of resistance or awkwardness, you may want to address this at this time.  Sometimes they will come right out and object and other times they will just "change" or make some sort of comment.  If you feel that they are "uneasy", I would say this:

Again, this part is just to make sure we get you the discounts.  Once we find something that makes sense to you, I will go over exactly how the Social Security billing works (just say DISCOUNTED Billing if they are not on Social Security).

Objection to #3:
I don't let anything come out of my bank!
Rebuttal - Oh I completely understand that.  Back in the day, you could get insurance and have the agent come around and collect it from you each month.  Due to the risk with that, carriers stopped offering that mode of payment.  Now they all use a billing method that is completely secure and entered through a secure portal.  I have been doing this for YEARS and no one has had a problem with their account.  I can assure you this is the most secure method, but again, we don't need to get any of that info just yet.  Ok?

You need to make sure you know that it is an actual account and not a prepaid card or Direct Express.  You also need to know the DRAFT DATE you will be using.  You know this by making sure Discount Question #3 gave that to you.  You want to set the draft up on the day they get their money to increase your placement and persistency!
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