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Introduction and Rapport:

I speak to people each day just like yourself that are looking to receive information on Final Expense and Burial plans.  It is a very simple process, but I like to make sure each person knows a little bit about me.  Again, my name is (Your Name) and I am licensed in the state of (XYZ).  I have been a licensed broker for (X) years.  (Tell about your spouse, animals, kids, grandkids, etc.  Example: I have a beautiful wife and 4 kids at home!  They keep me busy for sure!)

***Now you really need to try to get some rapport built.  Start asking questions about them!***

Example Questions:
Do you have any kids or grandkids?  (Ask about that!)
Have you lived in (State) your entire life?  (Ask about that!)
Do you have any animals?
What do you do for fun?
College or Professional team in their state?  Ask them if that is their favorite team.

Once you feel like they have opened up, it is time to transition to the Presentation!
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