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Call Back:

The client does not know the process.  They are not sure if this will take 2 hours or not.  It is best to put their mind at ease and attempt to overcome this objection.  

(Name), I completely understand and I do respect your time.  I do know how busy we can all get.  I can certainly call back, but this process only takes 5-10 minutes.  Do Not Pause and continue with rapport building!

I see you're in (State).  Keep building rapport!

If they continue to want a call back, say:

I completely understand and it is important that I am able to review the information you requested when you are not busy.  What time today would be better to reach you and go over this for 5-10 minutes?  

If no time today, say: "Is morning or afternoon better for you tomorrow?"

Once you get it set, confirm it or have them confirm it back to you!
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