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Getting Quotes:

Now it is time to get some quotes for you.  The majority of people I speak with are on a fixed income.  They all want Life Insurance for peace of mind, but they have to make sure they pick something they can afford as well.  If it is not still active when you pass away, it didn't do anyone any good.

Agent - At this point, you have two options on showing premiums:

3 Option Close - Just show them the "3 most common plans" and show something for around $60ish, $90ish and then $125ish.

Budget Close - "Now (Name), if I am able to find something that solves your needs, would $150-$200 fit into your budget each month?  Too much? No problem!  What about $100-$125 per month?"
- Work down until you hit a number they agree to.
You DO NOT have to enter Email/Name/Phone to get Quotes!
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