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Company Choice & Explanation:

At this point, you want to explain the carrier that has the BEST option for them.  It is very important to have a "made up" approval chance.  This can help create urgency.  If they can "easily" qualify, why not wait?

Ok (Name), it looks like I have found you a great option!  My job is to find the company that will best fit your needs, but also has a good chance at approval.  It looks like (Carrier Name) came back with a 72% approval chance, which is not bad at all!

I am not sure if you have heard of (Carrier Name) or not, but let me tell you, THEY ARE AMAZING to work with.  This is the company that I try to get most people to qualify for, but they are picky sometimes.  With that said, if you CAN get approved with them, it is going to be the best plan you can get.  

Tell them whatever you know about the carrier.  They were formed in 18XX and are based out of (State).  They have (3) different plans.  (Level/Graded/Modified - Preferred/Standard/Graded) and we are going to try to qualify for you for (XYZ) plan with them.

If the plan is Graded/Modified or some sort of waiting plan, you can explain that in a POSITIVE WAY!  (Click Below if they only qualify for these plans!)
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