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Watch the Video Below for a Detailed Explanation of Our System!

Final Expense Services is an organization that believes in complete transparency, offering the highest level of training to help ensure success & teaching agents how to actually run a business instead of just "buy leads and get to work".


We have the tools and systems in place to help you make good business decisions and ensure you have a plan in place to actually be successful.


If you are coachable, have work ethic and are willing to work on your money management skills, we can really help you increase your revenue with our business model.

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How to Get Started:

Before you start with ANY organization, you have to start by determining what YOUR plans and goals are.  Without doing this, you could be setting yourself up for failure, disappointment or just aligning yourself with the wrong organization.  See below for some additional tools and details.

Setting realistic goals is extremely important.  Many organizations will parade around their agent that makes $15,000 per week on just 15 leads.  There are some extremely exceptional agents out there that can hit insane numbers, but you should not use that as the normal expectation.  It is best to start with a very obtainable goal and then adjust as you see what caliber of agent you are.

If you are planning on buying leads, the most successful agents are on DM leads.  If you have a different plan for leads, you can still use the average numbers to determine how many of those leads you will need per week.

Start by setting a yearly Annualized Premium (AP) goal.  Once you have that number, type it in the calculator to the left to see how many leads per week it would take an average agent working to hit that goal.

If your starting budget for this business will not allow for you to purchase the amount of leads the calculator says you will need, then adjust your starting goal or find a way to come up with additional capital to start your business.  You can also start with our Free Lead Program until you can afford the amount of leads needed each week.

Once you have a goal set that you can obtain, it is time to determine the other aspects of your business.

Now it is time to pick the correct organization to work with.  There are a lot of great organizations out there, but there are bad ones as well.  You have to know what to look for.  Below I will list some things you will want to watch out for.

- Never sign up with an organization that makes you assign your commissions to THEM.  This is called LOA.

- Never sign up with a captive organization.  This is usually easy to recognize due to that organization only offering one product instead of multiple carriers.

- Never sign up with an organization that doesn't have a laid out plan and system that you can follow.

- Never sign up with an organization that uses someone else's deposits/bank account to recruit you.  If it is such a good system, why aren't they showing you their own deposits/bank account?


After you have created a goal and found the correct organization to work with, follow their system completely. After you have mastered that system and found success, then you can make some changes that you see fit. 


Many agents fail by thinking they have a better way before they have enough experience to know what a better way looks like.

If you are not a licensed agent yet, it is a pretty simple process to become a licensed agent.  Please click the link below to start your licensing process!

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