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Common Questions

Are we a captive or independent organization?

A:  Our company is 100% independent.  We don't even require the agent to sign a contract.

Are my leads going to be resold?

A:  Absolutely not!  Once you choose your territory, we lock it down for you and only you!  The leads inside that territory are yours forever.

How do I get paid?

A:  Your advances and renewals are paid directly from the insurance carriers you write!  With us, your book of business is yours only and you are vested from day one.

Can I be released if needed?

A:  Yes, you can be released at anytime as long as no debt is owed to a carrier!

Will I be micromanaged?

A:  Not at all.  You are an independent agent and are in control of your own business.  We are here to support and guide you in YOUR business.

Can I build a team here?

A:  Absolutely!  Although, we discourage agents from building a team until they have a weekly system that is working and they have saved up some money.  You can't expect someone to follow you if you are constantly struggling yourself.

Common Problems I Hear From Agents with Other Organizations:

I am working leads that another agent has already been out to see!


I am stuck at a low comp because I have several managers above me.


I want to grow an agency but either my comp is too low or I do not have the help/support to do it.


I have never been properly trained.  I was just thrown out to fend for myself.

I want to add additional products, but my IMO doesn't offer them.

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, we should definitely chat!  If you are just wanting to shop your commission, feel free to reach out and I will give you a confidential commission comparison.

Direct Mail Leads


Every agent needs someone to sell to!  We have a fixed price DM program to get you in front of people that JUST sent the card back.  We have exclusive territories, which means we lock down the territory you want to work just for you!  You will rotate in the same areas and be home every night.  These leads are not resold to other agents.  If you want to see if we have your territory open, call the number at the top of the page or fill out the contact form at the bottom!


Training is an extremely crucial part of this business.  Whether you are experienced or brand new to the industry, you can learn from our programs.  We make sure an agent gets taught everything needed to become successful from door knocking all the way up to doing Single Pays with 1035 exchanges.  

Our training includes an in-depth university that takes you through every subject of this business in order.  It teaches you what to do before you go see a client, while you are there & after you've made the sale.  We also offer ride along trainings and a training call Monday through Friday at 8:00 Central Time!

Training Online Education Webinar Person
Final Expense Services Grey.png


We designed the FINAL EXPENSE LIFELINE to help agents with organization.  This tool has everything you will need to run this business in one place.  It has the insurance carrier information, eApplication information, health condition information, information on the competition's products you will run into often & MUCH MORE!  This tool will be something that you will carry with you at all times and it will make you will wonder how you were able to run this business without it!

Agent Hotline

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced agent or a brand new agent, you will find yourself in a house and up against a question that you do not know the answer to.  This could be a medication, health condition, objection that caught you off guard or just a basic carrier question that you have never went up against yet.  When this happens, we have designed an Agent Hotline that allows you to call into a number and it rings every top agent/agency owner in our organization at once.  Someone will answer and give you instant support while you are in the field.


More Services

Appointment Setters

Agency Owner Program and Capital Available

Agent Community to Keep You Plugged in With Other Producers

Multiple Lead Programs to Suit Your Needs

Multiple Products (IUL, Annuities, Medicare, Mortgage Protection, Etc.)

Extensive Carrier Line-up

Paid on Issue with Most Carriers (No More Waiting on the Draft Date)

Vested from Day One

Quoting App to Run All Carrier Quotes in One Place

Agent Portal for Training and Important Tools

And MUCH More!

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