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The Final Expense Opportunity:

The Final Expense Market has helped countless individuals to change their life.  It can provide you the financial freedom you have been looking for.  This business is not for everyone, so please review the videos below to see if you think it will be an opportunity you could see yourself doing!

What is Final Expense?

Positives & Negatives

Who We Are!

Common Questions

What We Are Looking For

Income Example:

The below example is for an agent choosing the FREE Lead Program.  We have programs that will pay higher commissions, but the leads will have a cost associated with them.  If you want to view those program, just let us know!

If you are receiving 30 Leads Per Week:

You should be able to have a minimum of 15 Appointments off those leads.

You should sit with 10 of your 15 Appointments.

A new agent will be able to close 1/2 of their "sits".  So, 5 of your sits will close.

Some sits will be a husband & wife, so it can be more than one application.

We will assume 2 of your 5 were double application houses.  Total of 7 applications written.

You will also have the other 15 leads to door knock if needed.  (15 of the 30 leads either did not answer or did not set an appointment.

You should be able to write 2 applications by working the 15 leads you did not get an appointment with.

Total number of applications = 9

Average application size (industry average) = $63.00/month

9 Applications X $63.00 per month = $567

*Carriers will pay you based off ANNUAL premium, not monthly!*

$567 X 12 months = $6,804.00

A Free Lead Agent starts at a 70% Contract Level:

*Again, we have higher contract levels for agents that choose to pay for their own leads!*

$6,804 X 70% = $4,762.80

Carriers will ADVANCE you 75% of your money.  The remaining 25% gets paid out in the 10th/11th/12th month.  (We will explain all of this to you when you get started.

$4,762.80 X 75% (9-month) Advance = $3,572.10

Are you ready to start making $3,572.10 per week while only having to work 3-4 days?  If so, we should have a more in-depth conversation.  

Please fill out the form below!

Thanks! Message sent.

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