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Free lead Program REQUIRMENTS:

Our Free Lead Program is our most sought-after program.  So many agents cannot spend enough money per week on fresh leads to find success, and very few agents can write enough business on 10-15 leads per week to have a nice income.  Those agents usually realize they need more leads, but oftentimes they cannot afford them.  That is where the FREE Lead Program comes into play.

We cover the complete cost of leads for our Free Lead Agents.  We even cover the appointment cost for Field Agents and Live Transfer costs for Telesales Agents.  In order to do this, we have to have certain requirements.  Please read this page in its entirety to ensure this is what you are looking for.

Common Questions We Get Asked:
Q: Is this for Face to Face sales or Phone Sales?
A: We have a free lead program for both!
Q: Can I do this part time or on the weekends?
A:  Face to Face:  We spend a lot of money each week on each agent's leads and appointments.  For that reason, we need this to be your primary focus.  The minimum commitment is 4 full days in the field.  
A:  Telesales:  We can be slightly more flexible, but we are not looking for agents that have 1-2 hours per day to dedicate to this.  It requires more than that.

Q: Is this a captive organization?
A: We are not captive.  Our agents don't sign a contract and you get paid directly from the carrier.  With that said, while on the FREE Lead Program, you cannot write other Final Expense carriers outside of our organization.  This is only because we are paying a lot of money each week for your leads and appointments.  If you have a special situation, we have been flexible on certain things.  But you can't have 3-4 FE carriers at 100%+ comp and then get a few with us and expect us to spend $1,000+ per week on your leads/appointments.
Q: If my IMO won't release my carriers to your organization, will I lose my renewals if I terminate that contract?
A: You will not!  As long as you are paid directly from the carriers, you will receive those renewals.  You do not have to remain active with a carrier for them to pay you the renewals due to you!
Q: I am retired and just want to work at my own pace.  Does this program allow that?
A: If you are wanting to work a limited schedule, this program may not be the best fit.  This is a program for someone that wants to make a very nice income, which can require working whenever needed to hit your goal.
Q: Can I start on the Free Lead Program and then move to another program later?
A: Absolutely!  You are free to change to the Elite Program whenever you feel like you are ready.  You can also remain on the Free Lead Program long term if you would like.
Q: Will I have to Door Knock at all?  (Field Sales Agents)
A: This is not an APPOINTMENT PROGRAM, it is a FREE LEAD Program.  We get you appointments at no cost, but you still have to produce enough each week to make us both profitable.  I've yet to see an agent that did not have to door knock some of their leads each week.  If you have a problem door knocking, I would look into the telesales program.

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Who We Are Looking For:
We are looking for goal oriented individuals that are willing to put in the work to change their financial situation.  We have a system that will teach you exactly what to do to make sales in the Final Expense business.  We have helped and trained thousands of agents across the nation with our system.  We want individuals that are willing to go through our training and follow it during the sales process.  I understand some agents may have previous training, but do not let that cause you to try to change our system.  What we do works at the highest level!

In a nutshell, we are looking for individuals that make RESULTS, not EXCUSES!

I'm Interested! What's Next?

It is best to reach out to us if you are ready to move forward.  Just make sure you are ready to put in the work.  So many agents sign up and never even attempt to give this a shot.  Once you burn us like that, we do not try again at a later time.

Field Sale Agents:
You have to prove yourself.  You do this by contracting quickly, completing the training in 3 days or less, attending the morning calls and then meeting your Start Date.  Once you are contracted, the training is completed and you have 3 or more writing numbers, we get you started.  Your first couple of weeks it will be aged Direct Mail leads that you are working, but we will get a large quantity of them to allow you to have a high number of appointments.  Once you are producing consistently, we place a fresh lead order in your county of choice.

Phone Sales Agents:
We use a mixture of leads to get you going, but outbound dialing will be required.  We generate Live Transfers and Calendar Appointments for agents when they start, but outbound dialing is still required.  Make sure you have a good internet connection, a good computer and a quiet place to make your dials each day.  We will use call monitoring and scoring to give you advice and tips early on.  Make sure you are comfortable being critiqued and making adjustments if you are not hitting the numbers you should be hitting.  This is a GOOD thing for agents!  This allows you to improve your skills at a much faster rate than just "winging it".

Not the Program for You?
That is no problem at all!  We have other programs available.  You can view the ELITE program and reach out to us about that.  

Fill out the form below to move forward!

Thanks! Message sent.

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