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Free Lead Program Requirements and Explanation:

Our Free Lead Program is our most sought-after program.  So many agents cannot spend $900 - $1,200 per week on fresh leads to find success.  Very few agents can write enough business on 10-15 leads per week to have a nice income.  Those agents usually realize they need more leads, but oftentimes they cannot afford them.  That is where the FREE Lead Program comes into play.

We purchase leads for the agent and have our in-house appointment setters call the leads to set up the agent's schedule.  This allows the agent to eliminate the time slot of having to set their own appointments.  It also allows an agent to have enough leads to have a full schedule.

Common Questions We Get Asked:
Q: Is this for Face to Face sales or Phone Sales?
A: The FREE Lead Program is only for Face to Face.
Q: Can I do this part time or on the weekends?
A:  This program requires your full commitment.  We spent a lot of money each week on each agent's leads and appointments.  For that reason, we need this to be your primary focus.  We do have other programs that will accommodate part time work.
Q: Is this a captive organization?
A: We are not captive.  Our agents do not sign any contract and you get paid directly from the carrier.  With that said, while on the FREE Lead Program, you cannot have other Final Expense carriers outside of our organization.  This is only because we are paying a lot of money each week for your leads and appointments.  If you have a special situation, we have been flexible on certain things.  But you can't have 3-4 FE carriers at 100%+ comp and then get a few with us and expect us to spent $1,000+ per week on your leads/appointments.
Q: If my IMO won't release my carriers to your organization, will I lose my renewals if I terminate that contract?
A: You will not!  As long as you are paid directly from the carriers, you will receive those renewals.  You do not have to remain active with a carrier for them to pay you the renewals due to you!
Q: I am retired and just want to work at my own pace.  Does this program allow that?
A: If you are wanting to work a limited schedule, this program may not be the best fit.  This is a program for someone that wants to make a very nice income, which can require working whenever needed to hit your goal.
Q: Can I start on the Free Lead Program and then move to another program later?
A: Absolutely!  You are free to change to the Impact or Elite Program whenever you feel like you are ready.  You can also remain on the Free Lead Program long term if you would like.
Q: Will I have to Door Knock at all?
A: The first week, we usually set around 5 Appointments per day for an agent.  We also add in some door knocks on your schedule in case you have a no-show or a short appointment.  If you are writing business, you will not have time to run those door knocks.  When you are getting leads, there will always be leads that do not set an appointment.  Those leads still cost a lot of money to the company, and you will always have gaps in your schedule.  You will want to go knock on that lead's door during gaps in your schedule.  If you just refuse to door knock at all, this is not the program for you!

Who We Are Looking For:
We are looking for goal oriented individuals that are willing to put in the work to change their financial situation.  We have a system that will teach you exactly what to do to make sales in the Final Expense business.  We have helped and trained thousands of agents across the nation with our system.  We want individuals that are willing to go through our training and follow it during the sales process.  I understand some agents may have previous training, but do not let that cause you to try to change our system.  What we do works at the highest level.

In a nutshell, we are looking for individuals that make RESULTS, not EXCUSES!

What's Next:

We must create a Game Plan for your first few weeks.  We market in pretty much every state, so we must make sure we can create a lead game plan for each agent that wants to start.  We want to see an agent go out and work the first week to ensure they have what it takes.  In order to do this, we will use some "older" direct mail leads purchase from a vendor that we have a relationship with.  After an agent shows work ethic, we start mailing fresh mail for that agent.  The age of the lead does not matter due to you working set APPOINTMENTS!  It just makes the appointment setters job a little hard in the beginning.  Plus, that is just a short period of time while we get your fresh leads in.  (Some areas will have fresh leads already ordered or in house.  In those situations, you will get fresh leads even sooner.)

We always try to set you around 5 appointments per day for your first work week.  This is usually Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.  Some weeks your leads will generate more appointments and some weeks it will be less.  If you are working hard and following the system, we always increase the amount of leads we get those agents and decrease the amount from agents that are not hitting their numbers.

The other thing we need is your START DATE!  This informs us of how serious you are on getting started, plus it informs us of how fast we need to move with carrier contracting and training.  You will need at least 5 days from the day you make the decision.  This will give you time to get writing numbers back and complete the training.  If you decide to move forward with us on a Wednesday, your Start Date can be as soon as the following Tuesday.

After we have your Game Plan built (we handle this) and your Start Date (you tell us), we call you to explain everything in more detail and answer any final questions before moving forward.
If everything sounds good to you, please send the County & State that you live in and your requested START DATE to whomever sent you to this site. 

If no one sent you to this site personally and you landed here by way of a marketing email, please CLICK HERE to fill out a Website Submission.

Not the Program for You?
That is no problem at all!  We have other programs available.  You can CLICK HERE to view those programs.  You are also free to use our appointment setters with the other program as well.  You will just pay $10 per appointment instead of them being FREE.

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