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Please Watch This Video First!

Some of these things do not pertain to an ELITE Agent!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which leads will I start with as a Free Lead Agent?
A: It depends on the number of states you have.  Having more than 10 states will allow you to start on the FB lead program.  If you have less than 10, you will start on fresh web/data leads the first week.

Q: Can I change to the ELITE Program after starting?
A: Absolutely!  You can change programs whenever you want!

Q: Do I have to attend the morning calls?
A: Yes, you need to attend the morning calls.  We understand things come up sometimes, but you need to join most mornings!

Q: Am I able to sell other products besides FE?
A: Yes!  We specialize in FE, and the leads will put you on the phone with FE clients, but in the rare situations where you may need another product, you are free to use that.

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